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2014 mid-term sales will


July 19, 2014 to 21, Zhengzhou Zhongyuan Applied Technology Research and Development Co., Ltd. Sales Meeting was successfully held in mid-Guangdong Huizhou Lakefront Golf Hotel, participate in this meeting are Chairman of the Board Zhangde Heng, general manager Zhang style Tai, Deputy General Manager high-tech and marketing director yuan, deputy Choi, Zhang Yanhong, Zhang Cai, CFO Feng Haixia, Assistant General Manager Xing minister and quality Fung Kwan, assistant general manager of high Zhiyong, as well as the other branch is mainly responsible for various industrial rubber division is mainly responsible people like.

The first meeting of experts from Beijing Tianqi's conduct of the participants' marketing team building "professional training as a crucial strength of the company's development, market sword, team building marketing personnel as the company has always focused on building catch, a positive, united, dynamic marketing team, the marketing and the company's strategic transformation has great strategic significance, with its in-depth training teacher Jane out of teaching methods, humor features interesting case analysis, sales force for the construction of various problems, were analyzed one by one, and together with all the participants to explore the development of suitable solutions company, specializing in training teachers to explain praise of all participants, also for the branch sales team building and management inspired a lot.

July 20, the company organized mass unit, each laboratory is mainly responsible for the areas of responsibility of the development status and latest research and development of products to do a detailed product knowledge training, technical innovation, product innovation is a fundamental business vitality, the industry's most cutting-edge development context, companies at the forefront of product knowledge accurate and timely delivery to our sales staff, is the key to whether a new product marketing success, during this mid-term meeting, not only for marketing knowledge, team-building training, the company is also the company's product knowledge training, especially training LED, electronics, solar energy, automotive, corrosion and other products in the field, can be a good marketing to promote the progress of the sales staff. During the company also specially invited experts in the field of LED profiles and market prospects for the development of LED field were devoted.

Then the company executive vice president and chief marketing director for hi-yuan, sales for the first half were reported, this report focused on the company's sales in the first half, the back section, the product sales mix, the large customers Days sales outstanding cases Days sales outstanding in each branch and each situation concise reporting, and for some of the problems occurring in the company's major clients in the development and maintenance process were highlighted, seven sales offices for the company's sales in the first half which appeared various problems have also been setting them, and were the focus of future work arrangement.

July 21, the branch is mainly responsible for the sales process occurs within the region in the first half of the problem and the difficulties encountered by doing a simple report, company leaders listened to the report of the branch after the one doing the review, and work in the second half made ​​a key layout, Zhangde Heng chairman pointed out that the face of increasingly fierce market competition, competition among enterprises has been the traditional competition in product quality, product packaging to promote its competition to service competition changes, the company to do products, but also good service, service to create value, service to win customers, the face of increasingly harsh market environment increasingly tough market conditions, the company's sales efforts to promote better be careful, steady layout, relaxation, sales for the first half of the problems arising in the work, the company will seriously study, come up with solutions as soon as possible.

The meeting in our group photo in the successful conclusion, all participants strongly believe that good products will withstand the test of the market, we will continue to provide customers with the best quality sealant products, quality and service to win the trust of customers!

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