Congratulations "thinking Rand" brand finalists of the Ninth Chinese walls net annual prizes large readership survey activities


As China Construction Metal Structure Association Official Website - Chinese walls net, has always been committed to being the leading media has a wide influence, not just focus on reporting and dissemination of industry news and policies, but also take advantage of years of accumulated extensive readership through efficient data collection methods, data mining is committed by way reflect industry trends and the development of the internal hotspot.

Ninth Chinese walls net annual prizes large readership survey in November 2013 was officially launched, the Division I as a sealant used in construction field representative of the brand, successfully nominated investigative activities, in this I wish this event a success! And look forward to the findings could reflect a real and effective marketing, brand status of each segment of the industry 2013 annual market for the majority of industry readers, consumers, buyers provide authoritative brand selection, buying guide. For manufacturers of marketing strategy, macro development research industry provides a valuable reference data is our 2014 annual branding, once the results of the acceptance of new product sales.

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