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MF4150 Transparent Silicone Plastic Packaging

Introduction:  Two-component,addition-curable,opticallytransparentliquidsiliconerubber.  Features:  Arefractiveindexof1.41.  Hightransparency,lighttransmissionrateofmorethan93%.  Highhardness,highstre


  Two-component, addition-curable, optically transparent liquid silicone rubber.


  A refractive index of 1.41.

  High transparency, light transmission rate of more than 93%.

  High hardness, high strength, high toughness, high heat resistance.

  Easy to use, two-component 1: 1 (mass ratio), fast cure.


  LED, SMD package protection, integration, COB package, and fiber optic connectors, photovoltaic cells and other components.


  1. Applied to a surface cleaning treatment to remove pollutants affecting the cured product, possible contaminants include compounds, acetylene or vinyl compounds containing nitrogen, sulfur, phosphorus, and tin, lead, mercury , arsenic and other heavy metal ions.

  2. ComA and ComB are mixed in a 1: 1 ratio (mass ratio).

  3. When cured, can be carried out according to standard conditions, and make the appropriate adjustments according to the size and so on.

  Note: ComA and ComB are mixed when there may be a bubble wrapped into reusable vacuum bubbles pumped to the surface of the rear surface of the bubbles burst pressure recovery operations to accelerate degassing. Moisture can produce bubbles, mixing and degassing process should prevent moisture from entering.

  Storage and Validity:

  The product should be stored below 27 ℃ airtight cool, ventilated, dry place away from direct sunlight. Unopened product shelf life of 12 months.


  1. The product does not contain ingredients toxic or corrosive substances, according to general chemical proper protection. Gloves can be worn during use (to avoid catalyst poisoning, the choice of polyethylene gloves to avoid the use of rubber gloves), goggles, etc., in order to prevent product splashing into the eyes, on skin, and so on.

  2. Such as the use of oven equipment for curing oven thermostat blast air circulation should be used to avoid large concentration of volatile gases.

  3. Acidic, basic and certain metal-organic products, especially seriously affect the B component storage properties and product performance.

  4. Before using this product should read the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).

  5. Above the relevant parameters on the product, particularly with regard to the application of the relevant hint that it is based on tests and experience raised. Due to the use of different materials and construction conditions, it is recommended before use to carry out the necessary testing to ensure that products can be better used.


  Plastic barrels:

  ComA: 250g / bottle, ComB: 250g / bottle.

  ComA: 500g / bottle, ComB:500g / bottle.

  ComA: 1kg / bottle, ComB 1kg / bottle.


  This product is non-dangerous goods, can be transported by train, car, ship and airplane.

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