• Product Name: MF203 Polyurethane Automobile Windshield Sealant
  • Property: One component, moisture cured at room temperature.
  • Advantage: High adhesion strength to metal and glass

Mainly applied in the direct assembly of automobile windshield, the sealing of side window and rear window glass, and the joint sealing of watercraft, container and refrigerated container, etc.

One component, moisture cured at room temperature.
Excellent load-bearing capacity and vibration resistance.

High adhesion strength to metal and glass, etc.
No flow in vertical application.


     (Test conditions: at the temperature of (23±2)℃ and relative humidity of (50±5)%)

1. Get rid of dust, oil stain, water, etc. on the construction surface.
2. Pierce the cartridge tip, screw up a nozzle, cut the nozzle with a sloping section according to the construction requirement, inject the sealant in place with a sealant gun.
3. Suggest to do a test on adhesive property of substrate materials, details refer to the product instructions.

1. Pre-test is necessary to ensure the excellent adhesive property.
2. Finish use in one day once unsealed the sealant, otherwise, store it strictly tightened.
3. Avoid contacting with skin or eyes, in case of contacted, rinse immediately with plenty of water, go to hospital if necessary, keep away from children, and avoid contaminating food, medicine or cosmetics.
4. Use fix aids (pressure sensitive adhesive tape, spacer block, etc.) in the sealant curing time if bonded workpiece is heavy or need to move.

Temperature:15-35℃, relative humidity: 40%-80%, ventilated place.

6 months stored in a cool, dry and ventilated place below 25℃.

Cartridge Package: Aluminium tube, 300ml/pc. 
Sausage Package: 400ml/600ml.