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One component, room temperature neutral cured.
Outstanding fireproofing property.
Good resistance to weather and temperature.
Excellent adhesion to most building material without primer.
No corrosion to the surface, no pollution to the environment.


Mainly applies in the fireproofing seal of various fireproofing win-doors and different layers of curtain walls and the waterproofing, decoration, damp proof of the public constructions.



Consistent with standards: GB/T14683, GB/T2406, GB/T2408and JC/T882

Methods of Application:
1. The surface must be clean, dry and free of any traces of grease or dust.
2. It can be used directly in the temperature range of 10~50℃.
3. Masking tape should be used in case of contamination and be removed after sealing.

The shelf life will be 9 months stored in cool, dry and ventilated places below 27℃.

Cartridge Package: 300ml/piece, 25pcs/carton
Sausage Package: 592ml/piece, 20pcs/carton

MF889F is non-dangerous, can be transported by train, automobile, ship or plane.  

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