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Two component RTV silicone, condensation-type insulating potting material, no heat dissipation and no corrosion while curing, low shrinkage percentage, mainly applied for the potting of solar module junction box.

No staining to substrate surface.
Excellent fluidity and waterproof. No corrosion.
Great compatibility with EVA, PA and PPO.
Stability and flexibility over a wide temperature range.

Excellent resistance to harsh weather and humidity.

1.Measurement: Precisely and fully mix part A/part B in a 6:1 ratio by weight to achieve full cure, and finally using up the gel within the application time. Attention: Delamination may occur on part A after a long-term placement, for which a prevention by stirring is available.
2.Stirring: Fully mix part A/part B in vessel, if possible, defoaming by vacuum pumping for 5 minutes. (Attention: for each time of stirring, the height of gel shall be the same height or below 1/2 of the vessel height, otherwise it may spill out while defoaming ).
3.Potting: Dispense the gel as soon as possible. Generally defoaming without vacuum pumping is available, however, potting after defoaming with vacuum pumping is advised to achieve high thermal conductivity.
4.Curing: Potting samples cure at room temperature. The processing moves on after primary curing. Usually it takes 3 hours for curing at room temperature, which varies respectively according to the variation of temperature. In general, curing is faster in the condition of high temperature in summer, conversely it is slower in winter.

1. Part B is easy to be hydrolyzed, for which a long time placement in air shall be avoided, and an instant sealing storage after usage is necessary.
2. A slight skin allergy may occur for some personnel after a long time contact with gel, which will lead to a mild suffering. Therefore, hand glove shall be equipped while working, and if accidental contact with skin happens, soap or detergent works effectively for cleaning.
3. Before using in batches, small quantities on trial come first, and a proficient master on methods of application to prevent mistakes is also necessary.

Main technical parameters:

Note: After 7 days’ curing, all the values are measured in the temperature of (23±2)℃ and in the relative humidity of (50±5)%.

Part A:12kg/barrel
Part B:2kg/box, 8 boxes/case

9 months stored in cool, dry and ventilated places below 27 ℃.
Using before the date of validity on the package.

Non-dangerous, can be transported by automobile, ship and train. 

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