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MF282 sealant is a single component, room temperature curing, high thermal conductivity, non-flowing Oxime silicone sealant. It has good adhesion properties and excellent resistance to weathering.

Single-component Oxime silicone sealant, no pollution to LED products kit.
Excellent resistance to heat, ultraviolet radiation and moisture.
Excellent thermal conductivity. Wide operating temperature:-50 ~ 200 ℃.
Without primer, excellent bonding capacity on PC, metal and other materials.

Mainly used for bonding and sealing on electronic parts and institutional design, such as IC substrate, housing and the cover and the bonding between the radiators, the LED daylight, LED ceiling lamp. 

Instruction manual:
urface cleaning: To ensure a good adhesion, before use of sticky materials, use a clean lint-free cloth for cleaning, to ensure dry and free of dirt. The solvent can be acetone, xylene and the like.
At a temperature of 23 ℃ and humidity of 50%, the curing depth of this product after 24 hours is greater than 2mm.
Prior to handling and packaging, to ensure enough time for curing.

Product safety information is not included in this file. Before operating, please read the product safety data sheets, to ensure safe use.

50ml/tube, 80ml/tube, 310ml/tube,2600ml/tube

At 5 ~ 30 ℃ condition, cool, dry, well-ventilated place can be stored 9 months

The product is non-dangerous goods can be transported by vehicles, ships and trains.

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