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MF850T Road Sealant is two-component, room temperature cured, liquid polysulfide as basic materials without sagging. It has excellent adhesion to most building materials such as concrete, cement etc. and it has passed the Test of National Quality Surveillance and Inspection Center for Construction Waterproof Materials.

Two-component, room temperature cured.
Excellent adhesion and high elasticity.
Good resistance to weather aging.
Solvent free, no corrosion.

Mainly applied in the sealing of joints for roads, highways, airport runways, parking aprons and city squares.


Consistent with standards: JC/T976-2005 and JC/T881-2001

Methods of Application:
For good adhesion, the surface must be clean, dry and without dust. Com A and Com B should be mixed at within the weight ratio range of 100:6~12 in order to adjust the curing speed .

1. After the concrete newly laid down and completely coagulated can this product be used.
2. MF850 can not be used with silicone sealant, otherwise will affect the adhesion.

The shelf life will be 12 months stored in cool, dry and ventilated places.

Medium Package: Com A 30 kg/barrel; Com B 3.6 kg/ barrel

MF850T is non-dangerous, can be transported by train, automobile, ship or plane. 

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